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Our space is available for rent from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. 

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About Co-work Co-win

Co-work Co-win Training Centre Limited (Co-work Co-win) is a newly set up social enterprise providing workforce solutions for enterprises in Summerside and surrounding areas in Prince Edward Island.  

We help individuals (youth, single parents, unemployed, disabled, elderly or any special needs individuals such as the autistic and ADHD living in PEI) in finding self-employment opportunities and providing pre-employment training which will allow them to upgrade or acquire the skills needed to obtain employment.  

Co-work Co-win also arranges job placement services for our clients.  Along with these, we have set up a co-working space with a working area, event venue, a cafeteria and a workshop which our client members can utilize for meeting, knowledge sharing, training and related events.

Service #1:
Co-working Space Rental

Co-working Space

Our co-working space is strategically located at Suite 259, Unit 1, 263 Heather Moyse Drive, Summerside.  

Our client members can work at the co-working space to re-establish their abilities and confidence levels, to get used to working with people, to showcase their craftsmanship to customers, to do business with their customers in his co-working space or by taking some training courses provided to upgrade themselves.


Meeting Room

Flexible Co-working and Office Plans-

Our flexible co-working office plans range from hot desks to full enterprise solutions. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise looking for a single desk or private custom office, we offer the most flexible and mobile options for you to fully maximize your business at best affordable co-working prices.  Select and enjoy various solutions and services that fit your requirements as a business.


Featured Amenities

  • Smart and secured offices
  • Quiet meeting rooms
  • High-speed internet access
  • Advanced lap-top computers
  • Document printing services
  • Comfortable sofa and free magazines
  • Beverages and snacks

Service #2:
Event Venue Rental

The perfect venue to host your activities.

Both our client members and outside organizations can make use of our event venue to showcase products, services and more to a wider audience to generate brand exposure. 

At Co-work Co-win, we are motivated to support and help our members in displaying top-notched events to external audiences, to make sure you get the most out of your co-working experience.  

Co-work Co-win offers various event space and venue rentals for corporate/non-corporate functions, a mini kitchen space, full furnished meeting room and more!

Multi-purpose Function Room

Service #3:
Job Placement Services

Co-work Co-win’s target market is the disadvantaged persons (youth trying to break into the workforce, single parents, disabled individuals, the unemployed, the elderly, or special need persons located at PEI, to name just a few).  

We will assist them with pre-employment training which will allow them to upgrade or acquire the skills needed to obtain employment.  Co-work Co-win will encourage employers in Summerside and surrounding areas in Prince Edward Island to hire our trained candidates for permanent, contract, temporary and interim positions.  

Thus, building a true “co-work co-win” relationship.

Job Placement Services

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